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About us

The Guangzhou International Technology Co.,Ltd. (GZ Int’l )  is one of fast developing business entities in China with a major presence across diverse sectors including Industrial Products, Building Materials and Trading. We are a quality-conscious company always working to adding value, comfort to our environment and inspired the trust of thousands of customers as a provider of quality goods at an affordable price. Begining as a humble, family-run trading enterprise has today grown into a professional powerhouse, led by a highly qualified and globally experienced senior management team.
The GZ Int’l headquarters are situated in Yongzhou  Hunan Province, a south city of China with solid infrastructure to the major commercial cities like Guangzhou and Shanghai.
Constant innovation, strategic partnerships and a customer focussed approach have been the cornerstones of the Company’s phenomenal growth. Ever since its inception, GZ Int’l has enjoyed successful alliances with its Trade Partners in order to provide the customers with world class products and services.



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Add: Shanhuxi Road, Chuangfacheng Plaza, Yongzhou City ,Hunan Province China