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What are the problems to pay attention to when purchasing all-aluminum bathroom cabinets?

The all-aluminum bathroom cabinet is made of aluminum alloy profiles and also contains bathroom cabinets made of copper, silicon, magnesium, zinc and other elements. Aluminum has the same strength and hardness as steel, but its weight is lighter than steel. Aluminum is resistant to corrosion, water and abrasion, and has a strong decorative effect.

Compared with solid wood or panel bathroom cabinets, all-aluminum bathroom cabinets are light in weight, high in strength and low in density, and have good air tightness and water tightness. At the same time, they have good heat insulation and heat preservation functions. It is longer, so it is gradually being watched and purchased by more and more people.

All-aluminum bathroom cabinets require consumers to master some of the methods and methods of purchase in advance to understand the advantages and distinguishing skills of several or more different all-aluminum home brands (structure, wall thickness, style, color, etc.). In the professional market of all-aluminum custom-made homes such as Fengchi Decoration Materials Market, you can choose from a good selection of good products. When selecting an all-aluminum bathroom cabinet, in addition to paying attention to its aesthetics, the surface treatment should be fine and smooth, and the surface has no clear color difference, aluminum shavings, burrs or the like.

The wall thickness of all-aluminum bathroom cabinet profiles is closely related to its anti-collision function. The tensile strength of all-aluminum bathroom cabinets is 157 Newtons per square millimeter. The wall thickness of all-aluminum household products is generally 1.0. The consumers usually choose the wall thickness according to their own budget, house structure and home collocation.

All aluminum household bathroom cabinets require a 10 micron oxide film. If the thickness of the oxide film is too low, the oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance are greatly reduced, and the life of the all-aluminum bathroom cabinet is greatly shortened. Therefore, when purchasing materials, it may be Take a light stroke and see if the oxide film on the outside can be crossed.


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