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ECO DOOR is a healthy, green product made from recyclable materials that not only reduces the harm of the product to the human body, but also reduces human damage to the environment. The ecological door meets the international green environmental protection standards, and its substrate performance is stable, no cracking, no deformation but with good environmental protection and health functions. The wood texture of the ecological door is completely based on the solid wood door, the effect is very real, the surface wood texture is clear and layered, the color is bright, not easy to fall off and fade.


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1. How can I see the real thing?
We have an exhibition hall in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, and welcome to visit. We also participate in various exhibitions in Africa, and can also send samples or order products.

2, how to trade?

Usually, Abuja's warehouse will have a part of the stock. If the order quantity is small, you can pay the deposit. We will send the goods to the warehouse.
Bulk transaction:
On-board delivery (FOB): "Free Carrier (... named place)" We will deliver the goods at the designated port of shipment after the ship has been delivered. After the goods have been shipped, you will bear the full cost of the goods. You will handle the export clearance of the goods.

payment method:
1. Letter of Credit (L/C), a wide variety;
Second, remittance, mainly including Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), Mail Transfer (M/T) and Demand Draft (D/D).
Third, Collection, mainly including Payments Payment (D/P) and Documents (Accounting Acceptance, D/A).

3, how to install and construct? What if we don't install?

The right construction is very important!

(1) According to different products, we will provide a video of the installation tutorial.

(2) More complicated projects, you send the master to give you installation training.

(3) We appointed a technician to come to the door to guide the installation.

4. What are the advantages of working with your company?

(1) Because we have our own factory, we produce and process ourselves, and we can provide high quality products at the lowest price.

(2) And we own international import and export rights and enjoy China's export tax rebate subsidies.

(3) We have partners in Africa, Kenya, and Ethiopia to provide more quality services.

For more questions, please contact us by phone or email.

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