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What is the difference between a Super AVR Generator and an ordinary generator?

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What is the difference between a Super AVR Generator and an ordinary generator?

Ordinary generators are directly output, and the output frequency is directly related to the speed. The so-called digital generator is rectified and filtered before inverting output. The output voltage and frequency have nothing to do with the speed. The engine can run at a very high speed. Therefore, the volume of the engine is much smaller than the traditional generator under the same power, and the output is relatively stable. 1235.jpg

Compared with traditional generators, Super AVR Generator have low noise, light weight, low displacement, small size, low fuel consumption and more stable voltage. They have high fuel efficiency and stable output waveforms making them ideal for running sophisticated and expensive instruments (mobile phones, air conditioners, TVs, microwave ovens, etc.).

A major advantage of the Super AVR Generator is that it can adjust the motor speed to change the output, thereby further improving fuel efficiency and saving power generation costs. The output power of traditional generators is fixed, which means that their working noise, fuel consumption, and output power remain unchanged regardless of whether they are under full load. The Super AVR Generator will adjust the output according to the power of the connected electrical appliances at the end, reducing energy consumption and working noise.

The maximum power of Super AVR Generator is about several kilowatts, and the price of generators with the same power is higher than that of traditional generators.