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What should be noted when cleaning the water well drilling rig?

The following points need to be noted when cleaning the water well drilling rig:

1. Safety first:

Ensure that the equipment has been completely shut down and powered off during the cleaning process to prevent injury from accidental startup.

2. Choose appropriate cleaning supplies:

Avoid using cleaning fluids that are corrosive to the equipment to avoid damaging parts.

3. Protect electrical components:

Prevent cleaning fluid from entering the electrical system, either by using waterproof measures or by paying special attention during cleaning.

4. Avoid excessive force:

When wiping or rinsing, do not use excessive force to avoid damaging the surface or internal structure of the equipment.

5. Pay attention to the cleaning sequence:

Generally clean the exterior first, then clean the interior and key components.

6. Thorough drying:

After cleaning, make sure that the equipment and components are completely dry to prevent rust or short-circuit and other problems.

7. Check seals:

Pay attention to check whether the seals are damaged during the cleaning process and replace them in time.

8. Prevent sewage from polluting the environment:

Reasonably handle the sewage after cleaning to avoid pollution of the surrounding environment.

9. Wear protective equipment:

Such as gloves, etc., to avoid cleaning fluid contact with the skin causing injury.

10. Follow the equipment instructions:

Strictly follow the cleaning requirements and precautions in the equipment manual.


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