About us

Guangzhou International Technology Co., Ltd. is a product group company mainly engaged in industrial equipment and accessories.Pearldrill is one of our subsidiary companies that produces and sells drilling equipment and tools.

The drilling products of our company includes the following categories:

1.Water well drilling rigs

2.PDC Drilling Bits

3.Slurry pumps and mud pumps

4.Drilling Accessories including drilling pipe etc.

Our Service

Pearldrill of Guangzhou International drilling series products have won the favor of customers at home and abroad, especially African customers, with their excellent quality, preferential prices and considerate services. The products have been widely used in mining, water well drilling, and anchor injection projects., slope protection engineering, oil and gas engineering, underwater rock drilling and blasting operations in seaports and waterways, hydropower engineering, national defense engineering and other fields.

Relying on the rich international resource advantages of Guangzhou International Technology Co., Ltd. And the solid knowledge and talent advantages in the field of geological exploration in Yongzhou, Hunan, we can customize the design and development according to the customer′s application environment or the customer′s specified requirements. 

Guangzhou International Technology Co., Ltd. Will continue to be committed to providing domestic and foreign customers with rock drills, drilling tools, drilling rigs efficient drilling tools, energy-saving and environmental protection products at affordable cost.

Integrity and Mutual- Win is the consistent business purpose of Guangzhou International Technology Co., Ltd. We will continue to improve our professional ability and provide customers at home and abroad with better products and more accurate services.



Contact: Mr. Jackson Chen

Phone: +86 18574606855

E-mail: md@guangzhouintl.com

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