200m 300m 400m 500m Truck Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig

Drill Hole Depth: >200m
Warranty: 1 Year
Certification: ISO 9001:2000
Condition: New
Motor: DC Motor
Drill Hole Diameter: >300mm

Product Description

JL500 large truck mounted water well drilling rig is a new model independently developed and produced by our factory on the basis of learning from the advanced technology of similar models at home and abroad;
The drilling rig has reasonable design, complete supporting facilities, superior performance, and dual power system of compressor and mud pump, which is easy to operate and maintain;
Dongfeng locomotive, 6×4 chassis, with first-class quality; the power head is driven by a low-speed high-torque motor, with stepless speed regulation, advanced and simple structure; oil cylinder wire rope two-speed feeding system, stable and reliable movement; the whole machine has a low center of gravity and good stability; The overall shape is beautiful, reflecting the people-oriented design concept;
The main parts of the drilling rig adopt the optimized procurement policy at home and abroad, and the compressors, diesel engines, hydraulic pumps, main valves, motors and key hydraulic parts are all selected from well-known brands;
The large torque, high power configuration, reasonable structure design and advanced operation mode of the drilling rig ensure the efficient construction of the drilling rig;
The low pollution emission and professional noise reduction design of the rig diesel engine make the rig fully applicable to various construction sites;
The machine is beautiful in appearance, compact in structure, reliable in performance and flexible in operation, and is currently the first choice for medium-sized projects in the domestic vehicle-mounted drilling rig market;
The drilling rig can drill in quaternary formations such as clay layer, sand layer, weathered rock, bedrock and so on. The drilling rig is mainly used for hydrogeological investigation, drilling of industrial and agricultural water wells, construction of underground tunnels and ventilation holes, especially the drilling of geothermal heating holes. It can be constructed by various techniques such as air drilling and foam rotary drilling.

Product Specifications

Product numberSPD300A
Maximum hole depth600M
Drilling diameter300MM--1500MM
Working wind pressure1-3.45MP
Total gas consumption16-30 m3/min
Drill pipe length3M
Drill pipe diameter50-89MM
Axial pressure6T
Lifting force20T
Swing torque2000-7000Nm
Rotation speed0-80 rpm
Supporting power50kw/FAW Engineering Engine
Bearing methodHydraulic rubber track chassis
Walking speed2.5kN/h
Total Weight5T

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