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What is the general service life of a drill bit

The service life of a drill bit depends on various factors, including the material and usage of the drill bit, as well as the hardness and type of drilling material.

The service life of high-speed steel drill bits is relatively short, usually ranging from hundreds to thousands of times. The service life of hard alloy drill bits is relatively long, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of times.

In practical use, the service life of drill bits is also affected by other factors, such as the use of drill bits, the hardness and type of drilling materials, and the maintenance and upkeep of drill bits.

When using drill bits, appropriate drill bit types and usage methods should be selected based on the specific situation, and attention should be paid to maintenance and upkeep to extend the service life of the drill bit. At the same time, when using drill bits, attention should be paid to safe operation to avoid safety accidents caused by improper use


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